K & Co Contact Number: 0844 822 8000

To place an order with K & Co, contact them on 0844 822 8000. If you prefer to talk to their customer service team, then phone them on 0344 822 8000.

K & Co or Kay & Co was a successful company operating a mail-order catalogue empire. K & Co was founded in 1890 in Worcester. With many warehouses and offices sprouting all over the UK during their most prosperous times.

Kay’s Catalogues included high street fashion items as well as household products and even some luxury items. The first catalogues referred to K & Co as Kay’s ‘Universal Stores’ – the term describes the company as being a retailer of a wide range of items and goods. This term is similar to how we describe shopping centres today.

In 2004, Kay’s was acquired by Shop Direct and was merged with their own Littlewoods brand. Now, the surviving entity is ‘Littlewoods’ but K&Co DNA is still evident in the website’s design and feel.

Phone K&Co

You don’t even have to be online to place an order; you can do it over the phone by calling 0844 822 8000.

If you want to speak to a K&Co representative but you’re not interested in placing an order, you can call their Customer Service Team instead. They can be reached on 0344 822 8000.

They’re available from 7am to 11pm daily. By calling this phone number, you will be able to track your orders, make payments, make returns, inform them of issues and complaints or even update your personal details on their database.

K&Co via the Web

The K&Co accounts have been migrated which means that K&Co customers can now make purchases on Littlewoods by signing in to their K&Co accounts here: https://www.littlewoods.com/account/login.page

If you want to file a complaint through writing, then you can make use of their complaint form here: https://users.shopdirectgroupmail.com/shopdirectgroup/dispatch/connection

Littlewoods on Social Media

You can also connect with them through the Littlewoods social media accounts.

You can follow them on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/littlewoods

You can follow them @littlewoods

You can also send all your customer enquiries to their customer service account: @littlewoodshelp

Littlewoods via Post

You can also write to them at:

Customer Excellence,
Sandringham Avenue,
CM92 1LH,
United Kingdom.